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Color inkjet printing method

Color inkjet printing method

Issue Time:2018/08/05

The current digital printing in the printing industry is taking up more and more. Among them, there are several kinds of coloring methods for digital inkjet printing. Today, Xiaobian introduces three kinds of products.

Color inkjet printing method

1. Screen display method

The screen display method is to adjust the color of the image by adjusting the color displayed on the screen. The color menu is usually used to select or adjust the color on the screen. This method is one of the more common methods used by designers.

2. Color card color method

The first is to establish a color card model. The color card can be selected by one or several colors to create a color card model. After the production is completed, it can be printed out as a backup.

This coloring method is simple and easy to use. It only needs to compare the color cards, and the same color can be selected. If this method is used, different fabrics will produce chromatic aberration, and the color card fabric is preferably the same as the target fabric.

3. Color tone method

The color tone method is to measure the color of the target color patch by means of color measurement, and input the measured result into a computer, and then print the color. These methods use the instrument to determine color, removing many artifacts and environmental factors.

It's just that this method of color measurement is not so accurate. Once an error occurs, it will directly affect the effect of the print.

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