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Digital printing on the problem of cotton

Digital printing on the problem of cotton

Issue Time:2018/08/06

The current digital printing is indeed a big advantage in the printing industry, and the market share is also getting higher and higher. Just because of the current variety of printed fabrics, there are various kinds of cotton, polyester, and chemical fiber. But for now, there are some problems with cotton fabrics.

1. The color is not bright enough, that is, the amount of color is not enough.

2. The fastness does not fully meet the requirements of washing.

Now for these problems, many technical unions solve problems by screening dyes and auxiliaries. But this way is still a bit costly.

Digital printing on the problem of cotton

At present, foreign countries use reactive dyes or acid dyes for printing, but the subsequent washing and fixing steps are still needed, and there is some increase in the cost of reproduction.

Therefore, if breakthrough progress is made in the treatment agent, it will be more hopeful and marketable in the printing industry. Therefore, in fact, the technical improvement in the field of digital printing needs to be improved as soon as possible.

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