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The future of digital printing is big!

The future of digital printing is big!

Issue Time:2018/08/05

Digital printing is the printing using digital technology. Digital printing technology is a high-tech that has gradually formed with the continuous development of computer technology.

The future of digital printing is big!

In recent years, the state has strictly investigated pollution. Traditional printing has caused a lot of good and pollution in the production process, so traditional printing has a lot of influence in the current market. Moreover, with the development of society, people's quality of life is constantly improving, so traditional printing can not meet the current market demand.

Nowadays, the fast fashion industry has made the modern digital printing rise rapidly. Compared with the traditional printing, the digital printing is not limited by the pattern, the delivery time is short, and the production process is environmentally friendly.

Traditional printing requires plate making when printing. If you need to modify the pattern, you need to re-plate, which will increase the cost of printing. Digital printing does not require plate making. Modify the picture only by modifying it on the drawing software. The cost is saved a lot, and the speed of printing is also a lot faster.

In recent years, with the maturity of digital printing technology, the market share of digital printing is also growing rapidly. Digital printing has become a big trend. The market is big!

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