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Comparison of green digital printing and traditional printing

Comparison of green digital printing and traditional printing

Issue Time:2018/07/25

Nowadays, the digital printing promoters will fully meet the individualized needs of the entire printing industry. With the current environmental pressure, digital printing is also developing rapidly with its green environmental protection model.


Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has been digitized in the process of printing, so that the design and production of printing products can not only quickly reflect the demand of their orders, but also the process of modification is very simple, and the products produced are also A greater degree of customer satisfaction.

The digital printing technology uses digitally controlled nozzles to spray the corresponding dye micro-dots on the spot where the dye is needed. Many tiny dots are used to achieve the desired pattern, and a visually consistent color pattern is obtained. In contrast, traditional prints are relatively inferior to color saturation and vividness.

Digital printing Because of the high precision of printing, there is almost no accuracy in the pattern and color registration. No matter what pattern or how many colors, all can be printed directly.

In the production process of digital printing, there are computers that automatically memorize the data of various colors. In mass production, the color data is unchanged, which basically guarantees the consistency between the sample and the large sample.

Finally, the digital printing belongs to green production. The printing process does not use water, there is no need to modulate the color paste, no waste dyeing liquid paste, and the noise is small. However, the traditional printing requires a large amount of water, and the generated waste water, waste liquid and waste slurry will all be environmentally friendly. It has a great impact.

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