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Quality inspection of digital printing

Quality inspection of digital printing

Issue Time:2018/07/25

In the process of commercial transactions, the quality of the products is to be certified. The process of digital printing is complicated. Everyone knows that the production of a digital printing product can be completed after several steps. This involves all aspects of the company, the environment, and time.


The color difference of digital printing is as follows:

1. Original color difference: It is the highest standard that can make the digital printing products and the originals difficult to distinguish.

2. The same batch of color difference: refers to the same batch of products in the same hue area, the color difference between different sheets.

3. Different batches of color difference: refers to the color difference between different batches of the same product. If each batch of products has a color difference, when they are put together, the difference will be great, and the customer will be dissatisfied. No longer trust.

As both the customer and the manufacturer, it is desirable that the value of the color error of the product is preferably zero, but due to various limitations in production, it is impossible to completely eliminate the color error. The quality control can only be strengthened in each step, so that the color quality of the product is controlled within the minimum range and within the specified color difference.

However, when there is no original for comparison, the color quality of digital printing is related to the realism, so that the product must meet the memory color of most people.

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