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Digital print quad color

Digital print quad color

Issue Time:2018/07/24

I have heard of the four-color separation of digital printing. Then, what do you know about digital printing?

The digital print quad color is a peach color pattern used in color printing, which is mixed with four colors to form various complex colors. The four color standards are: C = cyan M = magenta Y = yellow K = black

Magenta + yellow = red; magenta + cyan = blue; cyan + yellow = green... In fact, these three colors can be superimposed to form black, but the actual superposition of the three colors can only form deep gray. Moreover, the three colors are not easy to dry immediately, and three colors require very precise overprinting, and the direct printing with black can not only greatly save costs, but also achieve better results.

Digital print quad color

The amount of black instead of other colors varies, depending on the different printing techniques, fabrics, etc.

If the conversion is inconsistent compared to the three primary colors of light, if you use three colors to convert, the printed content is different. If you have to convert to three colors, you need to remove the black version of the factor.

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