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How to color digital printing

How to color digital printing

Issue Time:2018/07/24

Digital printing is now very much used in the printing field, and the current technology is much more mature than before. Nowadays, the digital printing is no longer in the previous stage of exploration, but it is really perfect. It is.

How to color digital printing

The coloring stage of digital printing is more conventional than manual experience. The color printing technology of digital printing is not only related to the accuracy of color, but also related to the quality of products and the speed of delivery.

What kinds of more common coloring methods are there?

1. On-screen display method: Adjust the color of the image by adjusting the color of the screen display, usually by selecting or adjusting the color through the color menu on the screen. This method of coloring is very useful in color matching and starting toning, and is a coloring method commonly used by designers. However, because the difference in the screen will have different display effects, the small differences in the pigments will not be clearly displayed on the screen. So it is not so precise.

2. Color card color method: Toning by comparing the colors in the color card.

3. Color tone method: The color measurement device is used to measure the color of the target color block, and the color measurement result is input to the computer, and then the color is printed.

4. Experience color method: The speed of the coloring process, the accuracy of the results completely requires the operator to continuously analyze and accumulate in the ordinary work.

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