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How to choose a good digital printing ink

How to choose a good digital printing ink

Issue Time:2018/07/10

There are many types of digital printing inks on the market, and the prices are also different. Many digital printing manufacturers do not choose digital printing inks, so that they are affected by poor quality inks.


So how can I choose a good digital printing ink?

1. Look at the usage: There are not many users in the market, and the market is the best proof.

2, look at the professionalism of the manufacturer: Is there a special team to do this ink in this piece, the technical team is professional, in order to make a good product, the batch stability of the ink will be better, the color difference is stable.

3, the price of ink should not choose the cheapest, cheap really not good, expensive, but require good quality, especially fluency, less cleaning, less ink, ink is used for printing, so the cost is lowest.

4, the ink head can not be corrosive, relatively speaking, the water-based ink has a corrosive effect on the nozzle, and some manufacturers' ink formula is corrosive to the nozzle, and the nozzle can be pierced in less than 3 months (degumming) ), the nozzle is also the most expensive consumables, so pay special attention.

5, the color of the ink, of course, the color is good, the better the effect of the printing, so that in the market will be competitive, but must pay attention to the problem of washing the stain. It is not the higher the concentration of the ink, the better, generally the content of about 13% is relatively moderate.

6, the stability of the ink should be good, the ink does not have color difference during the warranty period, the domestic general one-month use is better, do a consumables plan, after all, the quality of the newly produced ink is better.

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