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Now digital printing is getting better and better

Now digital printing is getting better and better

Issue Time:2018/07/11

Digital printing has received industry attention since its appearance. After five years of development of digital printing gold, digital printing has gradually entered a mature stage from the beginning of the development period. In fact, when the digital printing just came out, it did not get the optimistic view of the printing industry. At that time, traditional printing has always occupied more than 90% of the printing market, and digital printing was not so perfect at the beginning, and there were many immature technologies.


However, in the development of these years, the technology of digital printing has become more and more perfect, and various accessories have been made more and more sophisticated, and the various steps have been improved and improved. The advantages of digital printing today compared with our traditional printing are too obvious. Now, in the past few years, the country has promoted the concept of green environmental protection. Digital printing, with its green production process, has not only been supported by national policies, but also obtained The love of various companies, of course, has led to a surge in digital printing factories, but digital printing factories that can make high-end products still need to continue to work hard.

Our Jiangsu lazy home textiles used digital printing as the core technology of the company a few years ago. After several years of development, we also have a group of experienced professional digital printing technicians. This year we will once again introduce a fully imported digital printing machine, and our Nissan value will be able to take orders.

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