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Digital printing sizing considerations

Digital printing sizing considerations

Issue Time:2018/07/10

Digital printing is now a mix of wind and water in the printing industry. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has obvious advantages. However, many people only know that digital printing is simpler than traditional printing, but they do not know that the preliminary preparation process of digital printing is actually very complicated.


Today we talk about the sizing of fabrics.

Since the digitally printed ink is water-soluble, the cloth must be sized before printing, and the additives required for fixing the active or acid dye are applied to the cloth together during the loading process, so that the active ink or acid is active. After the ink is printed, it is steamed, and these additives are chemically reacted with the dye to react and fix the dye to the fiber.

Just now the sizing still has many problems: the viscosity of the sizing is getting bigger and bigger, and finally the roller is glued to make the cloth produce plaque, which causes the color difference before and after. Because the drying temperature is high, the auxiliaries on the cloth will be destroyed, resulting in color. Not full and not beautiful. Therefore, we recommend that the pressure of the pressure roller should not be too large.

The viscosity of the upper paste is controlled. Due to the reticular properties of the woven fabric and the capillary effect of the fiber, in order to make the viscosity of the liquid tank slurry not change too much, it is recommended that the viscosity of the base slurry placed in the liquid tank for the first time is more fresh than that of the latter. The viscosity of the pulp should be large, for example, the dry powder dosage of the bottom tank slurry is 3%, and the dry pulp powder used later is 2-2.5%. If the amount of sizing is relatively small, then the bottom slurry should not be too full in the tank, and there should be continuous fresh pulp.

The temperature of the drying room should not be too high, as long as it reaches the drying level, and the speed is slower.

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