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Four reasons why digital printing nozzles burn out

Four reasons why digital printing nozzles burn out

Issue Time:2018/07/09

The digital printing machine nozzle should be in normal operation, the product can print the best effect, and the better the nozzle, the better the performance of the ink, and the better the printed product will be. Only once the operation is wrong, the nozzle is easy to burn, so everyone knows the reason why the digital printer nozzle is burned?

There are five reasons why the digital printing machine nozzles are burnt:


1, the static is too high

Once the static electricity is too high, it may damage some of the circuitry of the printer. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, people carry a lot of static electricity on their bodies. Once they touch the nozzle directly, they will easily damage the circuit part of the nozzle. Therefore, the digital printing machine must not only have a good and stable grounding, but also the operator is in contact with the machine. In the case of a nozzle, it is necessary to wear anti-static measures such as an anti-static watch to avoid burning the digital printer nozzle.

2, the working voltage is too high

If the nozzle is operated under high load for a long time, it is particularly prone to cause rapid aging of the piezoelectric crystal. Long-term high-load work can also easily reduce the life of the digital printing machine nozzle. Appropriate pressure release to the nozzle will delay the aging of the nozzle, prolong the service life and reduce the cost.

3. The positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed.

This kind of error must not be allowed to occur. During the operation, try to follow the standard operation, especially the nozzle of the wide-format digital printing machine. If it is not necessary, please do not take the initiative to plug in the connector, if it is wrong, it is very likely to burn the nozzle, even more serious.

4. Strong corrosive ink or other liquid gets on the circuit board of the nozzle

If a highly corrosive ink (especially solvent ink) or other liquid gets on the circuit board of the nozzle, it is highly likely that the circuit will be short-circuited. Therefore, when handling the nozzle, we need to be extra careful. Do not put the ink on the data line interface of the nozzle to avoid the digital printer nozzle being burnt.