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Digital printing has a huge impact on the textile industry

Digital printing has a huge impact on the textile industry

Issue Time:2018/07/09

The current textile industry is developing rapidly, which is inseparable from the development of the latest technology in the industry. Only the latest technology in the industry can represent the highest quality in this industry. And in the process of continuous development, the status of the industry we have recognized will also change greatly with the emergence of the latest technology.


What impact does the emergence of digital printing have on the entire industry?

The emergence of digital printing is very different from traditional printing, which effectively promotes the production mode and business model of the enterprise. The production process and efficiency of traditional printing are relatively low, and the cost of production is relatively high, coupled with the competition of the market. The profit obtained is very low, and now with the advent of digital printing, production methods and production efficiency are directly and tremendously changed.

Now with the development of society, more and more people are beginning to pursue the quality of life, so the customized products set up a favorite one. Moreover, the country now advocates green environmental protection, and the green printing process of the digital printing process has just adapted to the needs of the current policy, and the development will be very smooth.

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