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Digital printing has made traditional printing no longer advantageous

Digital printing has made traditional printing no longer advantageous

Issue Time:2018/07/07

Traditional printing Now with the advent of digital printing, competitiveness is really declining very quickly. The gap between the manpower and material resources required for traditional printing and its complicated craftsmanship compared with the simple digital printing nowadays is too great.


In 2000, the emergence of digital printing at that time was not as good as it is now. At the beginning, the digital printing equipment technology was not perfect. The digital printing was born in the early stage because of technical problems, compared with the traditional work printing. Digital printing was still relatively unmarketed at the time.

With the advent of the industry 4.0 era, the digital printing processing industry has entered a period of full-speed acceleration. To this end, many digital printing manufacturers are conducting research and development. It is understood that there are many traditional hand-printed enterprises to transform digital printing, and many bosses directly jump to digital printing processing, which is equivalent to digital printing processing has brought revolutionary changes to printing and dyeing enterprises.

Today's digital printing is extremely advantageous in terms of speed, cost, clarity, and environmental protection. The market share is also getting higher and higher, and the growth rate is getting higher and higher. Remember that digital printing will be the leader in the printing industry. And we Jiangsu Non-Lazy Textile Co., Ltd. will be the leader of digital printing.

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