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Cost reduction method for pure cotton digital printing

Cost reduction method for pure cotton digital printing

Issue Time:2018/07/04

Many industries are now using digital printing technology, but in the digital printing industry, price is actually an important factor, so the cost has become an aspect of digital printing factories that need to be strictly controlled.

In the case of cotton digital printing, the method of reducing costs has the following points.

Cost reduction method for pure cotton digital printing

1, using light-colored cotton fabric

Anyone who is engaged in the digital printing industry knows that the printing cost on light-colored cotton fabrics is almost the same as that of hand-printed printing. In black and red cotton fabrics such as black and red, it is not directly printed. It is necessary to print a base with white ink. Then print on a white background. If this is not the case, the color of the pattern will be light through the dark bottom. It is only the use of white ink to make a higher cost, so we try to use light-colored cotton fabric for processing.

2, the slurry replaces the white ink

The price of white ink is expensive. We can use the slurry instead of white ink to print a white background on the dark fabric by hand, and then use the pure cotton digital printing machine to print the color ink on the white background, so even the cost of pure cotton digital printing is very Low, but this method is also limited in use, not every aspect can be used.

3, use the print instead of white ink

The first two methods are obviously very limited. The first method is not feasible when printing on dark cotton fabric. The second method is too narrow when printing on other fabrics. So we have a third method, which is a perfect solution to solve the problem of how to reduce the cost of pure cotton digital printing, that is, using the method of printing, which area of ​​the printing is directly required to be whitened, and then using pure cotton digital printing. The machine is printed on pure cotton fabric. This is an ideal solution, but it is a bit difficult, mainly because there are too few talents to understand the printing.

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