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The difference between digital printing and tradition

The difference between digital printing and tradition

Issue Time:2018/07/06

In China, traditional printing has developed for a long time, so the undeniable traditional printing has developed into a very complete system.

The difference between digital printing and tradition

With the development of digital printing, traditional printing has fallen behind too much. Although the traditional printing on the market share is still higher than the digital printing, it is only a matter of time before the digital printing now grows faster than the traditional printing.

The inadequacy of manual printing is first manifested in the production of a screen version, which is relatively expensive, generally suitable for mass production, and if the pattern changes, it must be re-plate, re-plate, and then It is an expense. If you just make a small batch of products, it's really not worth it. Digital printing does not require plate making, only computer pictures are needed. The speed has not only improved, but also the cost has dropped. Small batch production is suitable.

If the pattern is suddenly changed, the manual printing needs to be modified, re-calibrated, etc. In short, it is not worthwhile, which is not a matter of time. However, digital direct-injection printing does not have these problems. The image resolution of pure cotton digital direct-injection printing machine is very high. In the process of printing processing, basically no color correction is needed. If the pattern is not satisfactory, the printing is in the printing. At the last minute, you can make any modifications on the computer through the PS software.

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