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Printing machine maintenance knowledge, away from failure

Printing machine maintenance knowledge, away from failure

Issue Time:2018/07/04

Digital printing equipment has always been a very precious piece of equipment in the digital printing factory. However, sometimes some operational errors will cause the digital printing machine to malfunction, so it must be scientifically maintained, and the life of the digital printing equipment is extended. Do this for the company.

Printing machine maintenance knowledge, away from failure

The following brings you professional digital printing and maintenance knowledge.

1. When the ink detection system indicates that the ink quantity is insufficient, we need to pay attention to the high ink level between the first and second liquid level in the ink cartridge.

2, the ink used in digital printing machines need to be stored in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, causing ink agglomeration, sedimentation, volatilization, decomposition and so on. In addition, it is recommended that everyone use up after half an hour after the ink is opened. It is easy to open the seal for a long time because it is easy to break down due to the external environment.

3. Check the cleaning status of the printing machine once every five days. Once it is found that there are hairy, dusty, particulate matter and other debris on it, use a pair of tweezers or towels to wipe off or remove the debris to avoid damage to the machine.

4. Dust-proof work should be done in the workshop of digital printing factory.

5. The working temperature of the printing machine needs to be kept within a constant range. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to install the air conditioner, dehumidifier and humidifier in the workshop.