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Misunderstanding of digital printing by laymen

Misunderstanding of digital printing by laymen

Issue Time:2018/06/20

Although digital printing is unusually hot now, not everyone knows digital printing technology. Many laymen or people who have been engaged in traditional printing have generally misunderstood digital printing.

Misunderstanding of digital printing by laymen

1. High price of digital printing machine

The purchase price of digital printing is not low. The life span of most devices is more than hundreds of thousands of copies. Digital printing saves the cost of the time and cost of plate making. However, with the maturity of digital direct-injection printing technology and fierce competition in the market, the price of digital direct-injection printing machines has declined, and the price is no longer the problem of digital printing.

2. The printing quality of the digital printing machine does not pass

The quality of digital printing and the performance of the printing machine are the most important. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of imaging systems, the improvement of imaging accuracy and output resolution, and enhancement of media latitude. At the same time, due to technological advancement, most manufacturers have already supported 4-color printing, 6-color printing, and even 8-color printing, so there is no need to worry about the quality of digital direct printing.

3 digital printing products can not be retained for a long time

Many people have questioned whether digital printing products can be stored for a long time because digital printing does not require manual labor. We can do a test that puts products that are printed using traditional inks, electronic inks, and toners under the sunlight for exposure testing. After a few days, you will find that digital direct-printing products are more durable than conventional inks. Better, not fade, no discoloration.

4. Will not operate digital direct-injection printing machine

Many people who do not have access to the Internet and who do not understand computers have been afraid to contact digital direct-injection printing because of their lack of learning ability and even resist it. In fact, do not worry, whether you are men or women or young and old, as long as the digital direct-injection printing machine manufacturers simple training and teaching, can basically control the operation of digital direct-injection printing machine, and not as difficult as you think.