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Cold feeling towel | cool down for 3 seconds

Cold feeling towel | cool down for 3 seconds

Issue Time:2018/06/20

People who often go to the gym should know that there is a kind of towel that can be dry and cool instantly. This kind of towel is called a cold towel.

Cold feeling towel | cool down for 3 seconds

This towel looks very ordinary, but it uses a new type of cold ice silk material, rich in sub-micron ore, has a strong water absorption, is a cold sense of environmental protection and cooling effect of the fabric.

Because the cold-sensitive fabric has strong water absorption and can absorb more than twice its own weight, the hot weather wipes the body with a cold-feeling towel, not only to get rid of the stickiness caused by sweating, but also to keep it dry and comfortable. .

This cold-feeling towel's cold silk fabric, together with the tight knitting process, make the cold-feeling towel feel very supple and less harmful to the body's friction. It will not harden after repeated use. Each time the feel is It is soft and comfortable.

It is simply a summer essential product.

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