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Digital printing ink composition

Digital printing ink composition

Issue Time:2018/06/19

Digital printing is now the most popular printing technology. As one of the most important accessories, digital printing ink is particularly important for the importance of the product. Imagine if your product is light in color, fades, and there is pollution. Buy it? Certainly not. A good ink can make your product colorful, high color fastness, or green pollution. So you know what constitutes digital printing ink.

Digital printing ink composition

1. Colorant

Not all conventional printing dyes can be used as a colorant for printing inks. Currently, dyes for inkjet printing are mainly reactive dyes, acid dyes, and disperse dyes.

2. Antibacterial agent

The antibacterial agent can prevent the mildew during the storage of the ink and prevent the ink passages in the printing machine from being blocked by the ink mold.

3. PH regulator

The pH adjuster can prevent the dye from hydrolyzing, ensure the stability of the dyeing liquid, and prevent the corrosion of the ink jet printer head and ink system in order to make the ink be near neutral. Therefore, it is generally necessary to add a suitable pH adjuster.

4. Surfactant

There are two kinds of surfactants: one is to control the surface tension of the ink, so that it can meet the requirements of the digital printing machine; the second is to help the dye solution, improve the stability of the dye solution.

5. moisturizer

The addition of the humectant is on the one hand to prevent the nozzle head from drying out and causing the ink to block, resulting in ink jet barriers, and on the other hand, it can regulate the spread and penetration of the ink on the fabric.

6. Dispersant

Dispersants are used for the dispersion of pigments.

7. Resin

For pigmented ink-jet printing inks, because the pigments have no affinity for textile fibers, it is necessary to use resin binders to color the textiles.

The composition of ink is broadly divided into the above seven components. With the discovery and synthesis of new substances, the above seven types of components will continuously be replaced. Newer materials that are more environmentally friendly and lower in consumption will gradually replace the original substances and achieve the most. Optimize production and use.

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