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Digital Printing Processing Points

Digital Printing Processing Points

Issue Time:2018/06/15

Digital printing technology has now received the support of more and more companies, but in fact many of them are just in the exploratory stage of digital printing. What needs to be paid attention to in digital printing processing?

Digital Printing Processing Points

1. Before the digital printing, it is necessary to print the test strip first, and it is possible to print the image without checking the disconnection. And every one hour of printing should re-test whether the test strip can be broken, if there is a need to clean the disconnection before they can continue to print the work.

2. Clean the ink bag every three months to ensure the fluency of the print.

3. The need for ink stacks and wiper blades is often cleaned to avoid line breakage and ink throwing during the printing process and to reduce the reject rate.

4. The temperature of the digital printing printing shop should be controlled at about 25°C, and the humidity should be controlled at 15% - 45%. Try not to touch the printing surface of the printing paper by hand, so as not to contaminate the paper, affect the printing effect, and form defective products.

5. The digital printing printing shop must adhere to the cleanliness and hygiene to prevent the dust and impurities in the air from contaminating the paper, ink and even the printer nozzles, which will cause damage to the printer.

6. Always pay attention to the ink level of the ink in the ink cartridge. Do not empty the ink in the ink cartridge. The position of the ink in the ink cartridge can not be lower than the minimum mark line, forming a broken line; the time of adding ink to the ink cartridge should also pay attention, and cannot be higher than the highest mark of the ink cartridge. To avoid excessive pressure, the formation of rejection.

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