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Health killer towel

Health killer towel

Issue Time:2018/06/15

Towels, as the most personal items, can be very dirty as long as they are not used properly, and have an impact on our health. A survey was conducted before, saying that more than 70% of interviewers across the country do not know the correct use of towels.

Health killer towel

There are experiments to bacterial culture of new towels, calculated per square centimeter, the new towel colonies on the order of 100; using 3 months of towel colonies of 10,000 in this order of magnitude; using 6 months of towel colonies in a million of this order of magnitude .

Towels are fibrous fabrics. They have been used for a long time. Bacteria deep inside fiber gaps are difficult to remove. Cleaning, drying, high-temperature cooking and other methods can only control the number of bacteria in a short period of time and cannot permanently remove bacteria. Therefore, it is better to change a new towel for about three months.

Many people use a towel to clean all the places. In this way, bacteria on the hands, face, hair and towel will be full, which may cause discomfort, especially for children and allergies. note.

Therefore, the towel must be used as a towel and it must not be mixed.

More than a dozen people use a towel and even more, the spread of bacteria will increase, so everyone must have their own towel.

Towels are often stained with sweat, tears and other secretions, as well as pathogenic microorganisms contaminated from the environment, so towels should be promptly cleaned, air-dried and dried after use.

Finally, you must choose a good towel, suitable for your own towel.

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