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Teach you to choose a towel

Teach you to choose a towel

Issue Time:2018/06/13

Nowadays, there are too many kinds of towels on the market. How to choose a towel and how to choose a good towel. Many people do not know. Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to choose a good towel.

Teach you to choose a towel

1, cotton towel is the first choice

For towels of various materials, pure cotton towels with good water absorption and strong air permeability are the first choice for skin care.

When selecting a pure cotton towel, first look at the light to see if the color of the towel is even and soft, and if it is too bright, it must be doped with polyester or other fibers.

At the same time feel the softness of the towel, if the soft and hard, uneven, there is hard, it is not pure cotton. It is also possible to extract two cotton threads from them. If the sound is relatively brittle, it means that the quality is good and there is no brittle sound, indicating poor quality.

The poor quality cotton towels, which are not 100% pure cotton, are often doped with a considerable proportion of chemical fibers. They are easy to pillle and are used to wash your face, which obviously will irritate the skin.

2, texture

The sensory response of the towel is fluffy and soft, which gives a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. It is flexible in the hands and is very comfortable on the face. Do not buy dry towels so as not to injure your skin.

3, color

Whether it is printed towels or plain towels, as long as the materials used, the process is in place, must be very bright, at first glance there is a sense of freshness, avoid buying old towels, this towel is generally simple process, materials are poor, there are Health problems.

4, pattern

Now with the advent of digital printing technology, towels have become more than a mere wipe on the skin. They are still a type of artwork that is a kind of decoration that can be placed in any room as a decoration. The pattern of a good towel is clear, the printing is accurate, full, novel and full of sense of the times.

5, water absorption

Towels have a particularly strong requirement for water absorption, which requires high-quality cotton yarn, advanced printing and dyeing techniques, and perfect testing and inspection methods. Wiping on the face with smooth, non-absorbent, non-decontaminating towels will affect your life. quality.