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Digital printing is faster and more beautiful

Digital printing is faster and more beautiful

Issue Time:2018/06/14

After a period of development, digital printing has accumulated numerous fans in the global market. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has obvious advantages. But at the beginning, not many people are willing to introduce digital printing technology. At that time, the cost High, the advantage in speed is not so obvious.

But now, after five years of experience in gold, digital printing has entered a period of maturity, and it is even higher on the level of speed and printing. The gap with traditional printing is more and more obvious.

Digital printing is faster and more beautiful

Speed, the current digital printing is a word "fast", the fastest up to thousands of square meters / hour, compared with the traditional printing, it is really faster than a little bit.

On the print screen, with the development of digital printing, the number of nozzles has now gone from 2 heads to 4 heads to 8 heads and 16 heads, and a series of accessory products such as digital print heads and printing inks have all been developed. It's getting better and better. The quality of printing is also getting better.

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