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Improper method will speed up the speed of digital print head scrap

Improper method will speed up the speed of digital print head scrap

Issue Time:2018/06/13

The most important digital printing technology is the digital printing machine. The good quality of the digital printing machine determines the quality of the digital printing. The digital printing machine has developed to the present, there are still many places that need to be improved. The nozzle is the most important part of the printing machine and it has always been a link between various companies.

Improper method will speed up the speed of digital print head scrap

The following methods are very likely to speed up the scrapping speed of digital printing heads, we must pay attention.

First, do not pay attention when cleaning

When cleaning the digital printing machine nozzle, when the power switch is not turned off and the main power is not cut off, the digital printing machine nozzle can be installed at will. It is most likely to cause damage to the nozzle and even the equipment! Therefore, when cleaning, be sure to cut off the power, but also be careful not to let the water hit the circuit board and other internal systems.

Second, soaked with cleaning solution

The cleaning liquid of the digital printing machine is a chemical substance and has a certain degree of corrosiveness. Therefore, when cleaning the nozzle, the whole digital printing machine nozzle should not be soaked in the cleaning liquid, so that the cleaning liquid can easily corrode the nozzle.

Third, the use of ink does not pay attention

During the operation of the digital printing machine, the use of printing ink requires special attention. It is forbidden to fill different batches of ink and use inferior ink. Because, the ink mix of two different configurations will change the color and quality of the ink, and the poor quality of the ink will not be smooth, and not only the printed products will be closed, but also the nozzles will be blocked!

Fourth, non-standard nozzle position adjustment

Carefully treat each digital printing machine accessory, especially the nozzle, whether it is to clean, replace or fine-tune the nozzle, do not use brute force to carry out, if you do not contact the sale.

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