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Market Outlook in 2018

Market Outlook in 2018

Issue Time:2018/06/12

Digital printing has achieved incredible results in recent years, and all aspects of home textiles are digital printing. Last year, the rapid growth of market share led more and more companies to introduce digital printing equipment.

Market Outlook in 2018

In the past year, many foreign countries have put on many new devices, and our investment in foreign countries has also continued to grow. This year, this posture will not slow down, stop, and only increase. With the rising cost of labor in our country, Southeast Asia is a more attractive choice for manufacturers.

This year, my country has just ended the golden years of digital printing. In this five-year period, digital printing has made great progress. The market share is getting higher and higher, although there is still a big gap from the market share of traditional printing. However, this trend will not only be a matter of time beyond the traditional printing in the near future.

In 2018, the market share of digital printing will surely increase more rapidly than in 2017. The market will become bigger and bigger, the quality will become better and better, and the cost will become lower and lower.... These are the attitudes of the continuous development of digital printing. .

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