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Reduce ink waste during digital printing

Reduce ink waste during digital printing

Issue Time:2018/06/05

The development trend of digital printing has increased significantly. The market share is getting higher and higher. Ink is a cost of digital printing. Now it is the one that digital printing factories want to control. How can we waste ink?

Reduce ink waste during digital printing

1. Order printing

When there are many orders, try to arrange centralized printing between orders. Every time the digital printing machine is started, it needs to perform nozzle cleaning and initialize the digital printing machine, and then refill the ink delivery system. In the process of cleaning and ink filling, there is no doubt that more ink will be wasted.

2. Do not replace the ink cartridge immediately

The digital printing machine detects the remaining amount of ink in the ink cartridge through the sensor. Once the sensor detects that the remaining ink level is less than the set value, it will prompt to replace the ink cartridge. At this time, we can reset the sensor to confirm the installation of new Ink cartridges, long-term operation, can save a lot of ink.

3. Clean the nozzles properly

Most digital printing machines will automatically clean the print head when it is turned on. At the same time, the relevant buttons for the cleaning of the printer can be manually cleaned if the automatic cleaning function of the equipment is not valid. lost heavily).

be careful:

1 Do not clean the print head with sharp objects, do not hit the print head, and do not touch the print head with your hands.

2 Cannot separate the nozzle from the digital printing machine and place it alone. Do not place the nozzle in a dusty environment.

3 Do not disassemble and install the spray head in the charged state. Do not touch the electrical contacts on the spray head with your hands or other objects.

4. Buy high quality ink

The most afraid of the use of digital printing machines is that the nozzles are blocked. Each blockage not only wastes water, but also wastes ink. Therefore, we must buy high-quality ink. High-quality ink can not only reduce the probability of nozzle clogging, but also print a higher quality pattern.