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Digital printing advantages

Digital printing advantages

Issue Time:2018/06/06

Since the development of digital printing technology, there has been a huge market share in China, and the market share has been rising. With the start of the digital printing technology companies gain, other companies are also gradually joined the digital printing camp. Both are thinking about making some achievements in this industry and earning some money.

Digital printing advantages

Not to mention anything else, the reason why digital printing can be done now is that there are marketing factors in it, but the digital printing itself is a key point in its development.

Four major advantages of digital printing:

1, the reaction speed

With its rapid proofing, digital printing machines can increase the speed of responding to orders. Intensive competition among leading printing companies in shopping malls has led to increased competition, lower processing prices and reduced profit margins.

2. Reduced costs

The use of digital printing machine proofing can replace some of the original work that must be done on the rotary screen and flat screen printing machine, no need to occupy the machine time.

3, good proofing effect

Digital printing and traditional printing belong to different systems. The proofing effect of a digital printing machine is so good that each color is enough to be real. Digital printing is much better than traditional printing.

4, a wide range of applications

Digital printing can be used in a wide range of applications. From general towels to clothing, to glass, blankets, and ceramic tiles, we can now print digital printing on all aspects that we come into contact with.

Digital printing technology and traditional printing technology are two kinds of printing mechanisms that are completely different in printing. Therefore, the use of digital printing machines needs to have a running-in period with customers.

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