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Five major technical problems in digital printing

Five major technical problems in digital printing

Issue Time:2018/06/05

As the most popular printing technology at present, digital printing has become a technology that many companies want. With the market share occupied by digital printing now increasing, the competitiveness of traditional printing has also been worse than before. The development history of digital printing has only been 20 years, and it has only reached its golden age in recent years. Therefore, in fact, digital printing is still not perfect in terms of its equipment and technology. There are still many issues that need us to continue to use the process. solve.

Five major technical problems in digital printing

1. The color correction method is not scientific

The traditional printing process adjusts the color using color patches, while the digital printing uses the principle of four-color separation, so the color adjustment can only be performed on the computer. At present, colorists in the digital printing industry use the PS software for color grading, and the PS color grading is mainly aimed at the printing industry's ink and paper. Its parameters are not scientific enough for textiles.

2. The sizing system is not perfect

Mainly additives and sizing equipment must fully meet the requirements of digital printing. However, there is a lack of special equipment for slurry uniformity, on-demand sizing, speed, and skew control.

3. The color is not bright enough

If the digital printing is based on the three colors of dark green, grayish, brown, etc., that color needs to be mixed with three or four inks of yellow, cyan, magenta, and black. When the three colors of yellow, cyan, and magenta are mixed, a certain gray scale will be produced, resulting in poor color vividness.

4 ink droplet size can not be adjusted according to the pattern

Nowadays, the digital printing machines on the market basically can automatically adjust the size of ink droplets. However, this adjustment is entirely an overall droplet adjustment. That is, when adjusting the ink droplet 10PL, all nozzles are supplied with 10PL; when the ink droplet 50PL is printed, all the nozzle droplets are large and all can only be 50PL. Therefore, the digital printing machine can not automatically change the size of the ink jet according to the different conditions of the pattern, and automatically changes the size of the ink jet according to different parts of the block surface and the line.

5. poor color reproducibility

The main reason for the poor reproducibility of digital printing is twofold:

1 Principle of four-color separation, the principle of color separation of four colors is to form a secondary or tertiary color by mixing the reflected light of yellow, cyan and magenta in space. Therefore, as long as any of the yellow, cyan, and magenta colors changes, the colors that are blended will change.

2Reactive dyes. At present, most of reactive dye inks for digital printing are high-temperature K-type dyes. Humidity is an important factor affecting the fuel, the moisture content of the fabric, the humidity in the air, and the humidity in the steam box, any of which If not, it will cause the color of the digital printing to be deviated.

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