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The key factors affecting the high quality of digital printing

The key factors affecting the high quality of digital printing

Issue Time:2018/05/30

With the development of digital printing, the development of the digital printing industry has gradually progressed from mature to mature. At this stage of the current stage, stratification will begin. To find a good position for your own business, whether to do high-end or low-end. When choosing a digital printing machine, it is a cost that companies must carefully consider. And how to make high-end digital printing products to consider several aspects.

The key factors affecting the high quality of digital printing

One, the degree of fineness of the pattern

Although digital printing is not subject to flowering and color restrictions, many exquisite designs also pose challenges for digital printing. In particular, some printers equipped with only four colors are widely used in the production of complex flowers. The impact of pattern accuracy mainly has the following two aspects: the accuracy of the nozzle and the flatness of the printing platform / paper drive structure.

Second, the physical and chemical testing indicators

In addition to the fabric itself, in the transfer process, the main physical and chemical indicators come from the ink, affecting the sun, dry/wet rubbing fastness, perspiration fastness, as well as azo, heavy metal content and other indicators.

Third, continuous production

Digital printing is generally on the order of a kilometer. It is not broken during the printing process. The retractable system is not stable. It is very important for the quality of the printing, which is also related to the product qualification rate of the printing factory.

Fourth, the color consistency

The color difference of different nozzles in printing is not the same, the ink is stable, whether it is consistent, and the concentration has a direct influence on the color.

The high-quality production of digital printing is the need of industry upgrading and the direction of future development. Only by making high-quality digital printing products, can we better occupy the digital printing market in the future.

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