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Printing process

Printing process

Issue Time:2018/05/26

In the printing industry, there are many ways of printing, but when it comes to true processing, you must choose a method that is suitable for your own production. When you choose, you can play your best advantage.

Among them, direct printing is one aspect and it is common in the market. As one of the simplest printing methods, it is well received by the industry and has been recognized by many people. And when direct printing is printed, not only can the quality of the product be guaranteed, but the overall approach will also be easier.

Printing process

Discharge is also a common way of printing, that is to do some colored patterns on the dyed fabric. In terms of details still need to be well controlled, the final result will be very good. The effect that the entire pattern or suit can show is also very good.

The last one is anti-dying. This kind of printing method is also very good in the specific process. We need to choose the best one for ourselves according to our needs so as to get the best results.

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