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10 good effects for using towels

10 good effects for using towels

Issue Time:2018/05/28

Towels are small items that we use every day. Many people think that towels are not just wipe your face, rub your body, rub your feet. But do you know? As long as you use the correct method, the effectiveness of the towel will be like a drug.

10 good effects for using towels

1. relieve eye fatigue

Hot compresses with a towel can promote blood circulation around the eye, reduce eye fatigue, partially alleviate the symptoms of dry eye, and have the effect of improving brain function.

2. Prevent deafness

Applying a towel to the ear or rubbing gently can improve ear blood circulation and prevent functional deafness caused by ischemia.

3. Improve dizziness

Place the hot towel on the back of the head, every few minutes, to stimulate the acupuncture points of the back of the head, improve the dizziness symptoms of some patients, and increase the reaction and thinking ability.

4. Governance stiff neck

Mild stiffeners can be applied to the affected area with a hot towel and with neck activity. The head slowly bends forward, gently turning forward and backward and left and right.

5. Prevention of cervical spondylosis

Early symptoms of cervical spondylosis, such as stiff neck, slight pain after soreness or cold, can be used to improve the symptoms of hot towels, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle spasms, prevent cervical spondylosis.

6. Relieve chronic lumbar pain

Lumbar pain with towel heat, can relieve local symptoms, such as serious illness should be promptly to the hospital.

7. Bruise damage

Sports injury can not be hot during stress, can occur in the injury 2-3 days, if there is no bleeding and no swelling, hot towels can be used to relieve symptoms at this time.

8. Induration caused by injections

Gently apply on the indurated area after the injection, 30 minutes each time, rubbing while applying heat, to promote blood circulation in the induration, and accelerate the absorption of the liquid.

9. relieve hip pain

The stiffness of the buttocks muscles is accompanied by slight dull pain, soreness, and pain. It can be used to heat the pain area with a towel and relieve the symptoms.

10. Treatment of dysmenorrhea or cold abdominal pain

Female dysmenorrhea or abdominal pain caused by cold, can be used hot towels, can play a role in stasis, qi and pain.

In fact, so many effects, mainly follow the traditional Chinese medicine's Wen Tong Theory. The use of hot towels is to achieve the effect of warming, it can accelerate the body's blood circulation, blood circulation is good, the pain can ease some.