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Digital printing company selected ink

Digital printing company selected ink

Issue Time:2018/05/26

As the hottest printing technology in the 21st century, the digital printing has caused a sensation in the printing industry once it is launched. The speed is so fast and the pattern is so beautiful that it is still green. As a result, more and more companies have entered the digital printing industry. As a very important part of the digital printing process, the amount of ink used is very large. If you have problems with the ink, it can easily cause problems with the machine. It will also cause production efficiency. Therefore, how to choose a suitable and good ink is very important.

Digital printing company selected ink

1, color saturation

The color saturation of the ink determines the color saturation of the final pattern, and the ink with high saturation, the pattern printed with the digital printing machine must be brighter and brighter.

2, ink fluency

The nozzles of the printing machine generally have certain specifications. The ink particles are too large and the fluency is poor. After long-term production, the nozzles are likely to be clogged and the working efficiency is affected.

3, non-toxic, green, safe, non-flammable

Non-toxic, green, safe, and non-flammable are the conditions that need to be focused when digital inks are selected.

4, good light fastness and wet fastness

Poor quality ink, clothing exposed and immersed in the print pattern will easily fall off, affecting the appearance of clothing.

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