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The development of cotton digital printing

The development of cotton digital printing

Issue Time:2018/05/25

As far as the digital printing of pure cotton is concerned, I think back to the idea of customers at the previous exhibition. He always thought that wearing cotton was not a possibility to carry out digital printing until he saw our products and found that cotton can not only be used for digital printing, but also It can also look good on the printed side.

The development of cotton digital printing

Cotton digital direct-injection printing was originally developed in Europe when it was modified by a giant company. At that time, it was a prototype and it was not perfect. At that time, the stability and saturation of the ink were relatively poor, so it did not make much success. Later, it was because two European companies really introduced the digital printing of pure cotton.

Nowadays, in order to adapt to the market of digital cotton printing, more and more companies have begun to produce inks specially prepared for cotton fabrics. These inks are also getting better and better in terms of color gamut, washability, and stability. So cotton printing products are getting better and better.

In the next few years, digital cotton printing is expected to become a hot spot in the digital printing industry.

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