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Digital Direct Printing Four Standards

Digital Direct Printing Four Standards

Issue Time:2018/05/25

In the digital printing industry, digital printing technology is divided into digital direct injection and thermal transfer. Digital direct-injection is printed by a digital direct-injection printing machine, and thermal transfer printing is performed by a thermal transfer printing machine. As the core technology of our company, how to look at the performance of a digital direct-injection printing machine.

Digital Direct Printing Four Standards

1. Can you print white ink

After decades of development, white ink technology has slowly been on the right track, but not every digital direct-injection printing machine can handle white ink smoothly.

2. The nozzle is good or bad

The nozzle is the core accessory of the digital direct-injection printing machine. The smaller the diameter of the nozzle hole is, the finer the degree will be, and the faster the number of nozzles is, the faster the nozzle number is. Therefore, the nozzle is a prerequisite for directly determining the quality of the direct-injection digital printing product. The second is to control the nozzle inkjet software and the motherboard requires a reasonable use, otherwise fine, no matter how good the nozzle can not print a fine pattern, but also cause the loss of the nozzle.

3 ink is suitable

Domestic digital direct-injection companies most of the digital printing machines they purchase are homemade, but under the monopoly of foreign core technologies, most of the nozzles are imported, so they are looking for suitable digital inkjet printing. The ink of the machine and the head must undergo a lot of tests.

4. Is the body stable?

We must not only pursue the quality of digital direct-jet printing machines and the precision of digital direct-injection printing, but also ensure that the body of the digital direct-injection printing machine is stable. It can print under good conditions, without vibration, and with a stable body. Outstanding positioning, high quality printing products.

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