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Cotton printing process

Cotton printing process

Issue Time:2018/05/23

Nowadays in the printing industry, more and more people prefer pure cotton products, which leads to more and more companies beginning to increase the printing intensity of pure cotton fabrics. In order to better develop pure cotton printing, the technology The development is also very fast. At present, there are four more common processes: digital printing, active printing, offset printing (mastic printing), watermark printing (water printing).

Cotton printing process

Digital printing: The use of active digital printing process for printing, the main use of digital printing equipment for digital cotton printing process. After the desired pattern is processed by computer separation, the dye ink is directly printed on the cotton fabric to obtain the desired pattern.

Advantages: Soft to the touch, with a bright luster and good fastness.

Disadvantages: High cost, not suitable for mass production.

Watermark printing,: The main components are: water, adhesives, thickeners, emulsifiers, etc., suitable for light-colored or white cotton fabric printing, feel good after printing.

The specific operation process is: flat screen printing machine or manual screen printing station plate, easy to operate.

Reactive printing: The main ingredients are: sodium alginate (or starch printing paste), reactive dyes and water, etc. The feeling after printing is softer than watermark printing and offset printing.

Appropriate printing equipment: rotary screen printing machine, flat screen printing machine, manual screen printing platen.

However, it will generate sewage and cause pollution to the environment.

Offset printing: The main ingredient is titanium dioxide, suitable for dark cotton fabric printing, after printing feel slightly harder than watermark printing, so in the printing area of ​​the pattern is too large, please choose carefully.

The specific operation process is: flat screen printing machine or manual printing table plate, easy to operate.