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Improved nozzles improve digital printing production rate

Improved nozzles improve digital printing production rate

Issue Time:2018/05/23

In fact, digital printing has been born for more than 20 years now, but it has only been a sudden emergence in recent years. In the printing industry is mixed, more and more digital printing plants are also emerging, all want to come to digital printing Big cake.

Improved nozzles improve digital printing production rate

At the beginning, there was an ordinary digital printing machine. By now, only four or five years have passed since the emergence of high-speed digital printing machines. At the end of last year, "the key technology of ultra-high-speed digital printing equipment was broken through" in the industry. Caused widespread concern.

For today's digital printing technology, to achieve a further breakthrough, the research of the nozzle is very important.

So, how to improve the nozzle to meet the digital printing machine to achieve high-speed production needs?

1.stable printing at high speed

According to the current digital printing machine, the speed of printing is not as slow as high. Therefore, under the premise of guaranteeing the printing quality, the digital printing machine is accelerated. This also requires a high degree of cooperation between the nozzle and the digital printing machine and the ink.

2.the quality and life of the nozzle

The nozzle is the most expensive core component in the digital printing machine and is also the most important accessory. The higher the print quality, the higher the quality of the product. The quality and longevity also play a decisive role in the cost as a chronic consumable.

3. to meet the diverse needs of different markets

The printing industry is divided into a wide variety of home textiles, clothing, cotton, linen, silk, etc., for different fabrics and different places, changing the nozzle to adapt to the needs of fabrics and places.