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Small profits, but harm others

Small profits, but harm others

Issue Time:2018/05/12

Now in various industries, many people who want to survive will desperately compete, and the most commonly used method is to bargain.

Small profits, but harm others

Before I saw a story: A salesman and the boss said that a small business in order to seize the market, the price quoted is much cheaper than us, we also have to adjust the price. The boss said that if you think that their prices are so low, why are we a big company and they are small companies? Our company's products are worth the price we quoted, and we will not blindly push down the prices, which will lead to cost and quality.

One of the previous entrepreneurs put forward the "low-cost listing, easy first and then difficult; high-priced listing, first difficult to be easy."

Your own product quality must be worthy of your own product price.

Do you say that some companies quote prices that are lower than our cost price, and that their quality is comparable to ours?

There is only one method, that is, the quality of hands and feet, in the past, not only for their own business, but also affect the development of the entire industry.

Our Jiangsu Lazy Home Textiles Co., Ltd. does not play imaginary, and always insists on a penny and a delivery.

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