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6 taboos in the printing industry

6 taboos in the printing industry

May 12,2018

The development of an enterprise is always a step-by-step process. Achievements cannot be proud and complacent. Calm leaders are very important.

However, many printing companies always have problems that affect the development of the company.

6 taboos in the printing industry

1. Did not find the right demand

According to surveys, more than 42% of people believe that the reason they failed to start a business was because the direction they were looking for was wrong and the demand didn’t go right.

2. products and services are bad

In terms of products, the selling point is nothing but the product itself and the service. Companies need to make changes and refinements quickly, so the founders must be hands-on and make timely adjustments.

3. The team is not blind

The business team must avoid the mentality of the migrant workers from the very beginning. Even if you dig a level a little later, it is better than the mentality is to work. The common reason for the discord of the second type of team is the inability to compete and delay.

4. improper use of funds

When you don’t have the money, you can’t wait to spend the money in half and spend money on your money. It’s very easy to face danger.

5. excessive packaging

The most common is over-PR, and it is okay to maintain a good relationship with the media, but you can properly expose it. Don't go out and say it meticulously and deliberately and forget about the products and services you really want to polish.

6. No business

As a business leader, companies that do things down the road will go further.

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