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Digital printing is difficult to print cotton fabrics

Digital printing is difficult to print cotton fabrics

Issue Time:2018/05/07

Nowadays, the textile industry is thriving, and digital printing is the most popular technology among them. It is not only popular all over the world, but also the most advanced printing process in the textile industry. Although digital printing has won the favor of the market, digital printing is not a panacea. That is, many companies are still unable to achieve processing on cotton fabrics. Even if they can be processed on pure cotton fabrics, they will be extremely limited. Show the print to the best.

Cotton digital printing towel

Why can we print on cotton fabrics because of the difficulty in printing digital cotton fabrics?

NO.1 cotton fabrics have strong alkali resistance and are difficult to combine with conventional disperse inks. Therefore, ink selection is also very important. Once disperse ink is used, it cannot be used to print on pure cotton fabrics. The color fastness of the printing effect is very low and it will fade when it is washed.


1. Since the cotton fabric is strong in alkali resistance, it is not resistant to acids, so we use acidic inks instead of disperse inks to perfectly solve the problem that pure cotton fabrics cannot be printed with disperse inks.

2. Reactive ink is used instead of disperse ink to cause chemical reaction between cotton cloth and ink to form a covalent bond and color it.

NO.2 general digital printing process, the first is to print the pattern on the paper, and then transferred to the fabric, but this can not be carried out on cotton fabrics.

Solution: The use of pattern design --- direct inkjet --- solid --- drying --- finished product processing process, which direct injection and color fixing are inseparable, this is also a company's core technology , so in the direct-injection process companies will have drying solid color tunnel furnace, and direct injection and fixing do not directly affect the color fastness and clarity of the finished product!

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