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Towel maintenance: Do not let the towel become "wipes"

Towel maintenance: Do not let the towel become "wipes"

Issue Time:2018/05/07

Towels are daily necessities for our daily necessities, and when they are used in the factory, they will become hard, sticky, and smelly.

In fact, if the use of towels is too bad, maintenance is not in place, and it will be more dirty than a rag.

Xiao Bian today to teach you a few ways to maintain a towel.

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How to solve the problem of sticky towels?

1. To find a pot, pour two spoonfuls of salt and add hydration.

2. Put the towel completely into the water for 15 minutes.

3. After 15 minutes, remove the towel and rinse it several times with clean water. Twist the towel to restore dryness.

How to solve the hard hair condition?

method one:

1. Heat the rice water and pour it into the pot.

2. Immerse the towel in water for at least 10 minutes.

3. Remove the towel and rinse it with cold water. Twist dry.

Method Two:

1. Mix a little white vinegar with water

2. Wash towels with white vinegar, rinse with water, and wring out.

How to solve the odor of towels?

method one:

1. Add a cup of baking soda, a glass of white vinegar, and hot water in the washing machine.

2. Stir the white vinegar with baking soda and put the towel in for an hour.

3. Add white vinegar and detergent again and start cleaning.

4. Let it dry.

Method Two:

1. Add appropriate amount of hot water and detergent to the basin.

2. Immerse the towel in water for 48 hours.

3. Wash the towel and dry it.

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Daily use of towels tips

1. Since many families keep their towels in a poorly ventilated place, it is very easy to grow bacteria.

Therefore, be sure to wash the towels once a day with clean water and then dry them in a sunny and ventilated place.

2. Experts suggest that the maximum period for personal towels is 3 months. After the time proposed to throw away.

If you do not want to throw it away, you can use it as a wiper or as a rag.

3. Disinfection method

● cooking and disinfection method

Put the towel in boiling water for 10 minutes, then wash it out with soapy water and let it dry.

●Microwave disinfection

First, the towels should be cleaned, stacked and placed in a microwave oven. The disinfection can be achieved by running for 5 minutes.

●High pressure steam sterilization

Place the towel in a pressure cooker and heat for 30 minutes. Most of the microorganisms will be destroyed.

Only this method will affect the color fastness and hardness of the towel and is not recommended for frequent use.

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