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6 advantages of digital printing direct injection

6 advantages of digital printing direct injection

Issue Time:2018/05/02

Looking at the current market, digital printing technology has become the most popular printing technology in the printing industry, but do you know the advantages of digital direct printing?

6 advantages of digital printing direct injection

1. the reaction speed

Digital printing machines have been heavily re-used in enterprises because of their rapid proofing, because not only can they improve the company's response to orders, but they can't strengthen the competitiveness of the factory in the market.

Because current customers have higher requirements in terms of cost, response speed, quality, service, etc., the company that first takes out the sample will undoubtedly be one step ahead.

2.reduce costs

The use of digital printing machine proofing can replace some of the original work that must be done on the rotary screen and flat screen printing machine, no need to take up time. If the customer is not satisfied, it will be repeatedly modified, resulting in a great waste of production capacity.

3.proofing effect is good, high customer acceptance rate

Now many professional and technical personnel are worried about using digital printing machine proofing effect is not good, this do not have to worry about, because the direct-injection digital printing is the use of software to adjust the digital printing proofing effect, from the color point of view, due to digital direct-injection printing ink It is adjustable (accuracy), and the color can be assured completely. After many tests by Enterprise Asia Digital, the color effect can be completely accepted by customers.

4.a wide range of processing

Digital printing inks that can be used for proofing are active inks and acid inks. In the customer sample, if it is a paper draft, electronic draft sample, you can directly use the digital direct-injection printing machine after the color separation treatment. The traditional printing machine can complete mass production according to the proofing effect.

5.personalized technology

The process of digital direct-injection printing is diversified: glue, color-drawing, epoxy, plate, foaming, bronzing, flocking, 3D, thermosetting oil and other processes; in line with the consumer pursuit of personalized clothing in the present society. favorite;

6.process reserves

Compared with the traditional rotary screen printing, the preservation of files is a relatively troublesome problem. The data and process plans required in the digital printing process are all stored in the computer and can guarantee the reproduction of the printing. Sex.

The digital printing design sample has been arbitrarily modified on the computer, which can fully express the designer's design concept and aesthetic concept.

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing direct injection technology has obvious advantages, and it has gradually become the mainstream model of the market.

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