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Take you to understand the green digital printing

Take you to understand the green digital printing

Issue Time:2018/05/02

Today's society is advocating green life. Green digital printing has also become the target of the current printing industry.

Green is universally recognized by all countries in the world. It not only embodies the concept of sustainable development, people-oriented, advanced science and technology, but also is an important means to achieve energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy.

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Now the green digital printing industry chain includes green digital printing materials, digital printing graphic design, green plate making technology, green digital printing technology, green post-printing processing technology, and environment-friendly digital printing equipment.

In general, green digital printing has the following basic features:

1. Decrease and Moderation

Green digital printing, under the conditions of satisfying the functions of information identification, protection, convenience, and sales, should be the appropriate digital printing with the least amount and the most simplified process.

2. Non-toxic and harmless

Digital printing materials should be non-toxic and harmless to humans and organisms. Digital printing materials should not contain toxic substances, or the content of toxic substances should be controlled below relevant standards.

3. No pollution and no pollution

In digital printing products, neither environmental pollution nor nuisance should be caused, that is, from the collection of raw materials, material processing, manufacturing products, product use, waste recycling and recycling, to the final processing of the entire life process should not cause harm to the human body and the environment .

In fact, digital printing can have today's development. Green pollution is really one of the very important points. Green pollution-free products are now the industries that the country strongly supports.

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