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Is the principle of digital printing machine used?

Is the principle of digital printing machine used?
Issue Time:2018-05-01
  Contact with digital printing every day, but do you really know the principle of digital printing machine? In fact, there is a lot of scholarship. Today's editors explain the principle for everyone.
  1.Continuous jet
  Continuous jet
  The continuous jet principle uses a high frequency oscillating pressure on the ink to eject the ink from the nozzle to form a uniform and continuous droplet flow. At the nozzle there is an electric field that changes in synchronization with the graphic photoelectric conversion signal.
  The ejected droplets are selectively charged in the charged electric field. When the droplet stream continues to pass through the deflecting electric field, the charged droplets are deflected by the electric field, and the uncharged droplets continue to maintain the straight flight condition.
  Droplets flying in a straight line cannot reach the substrate to be printed and are recovered by the liquid trap. The charged droplets are ejected onto the substrate to be printed.
  2. Spray as required
  The working principle of the on-demand jet printing system is that when printing is required, the system applies high-frequency mechanical force and electromagnetic thermal shock to the color ink in the nozzle, so that it forms tiny droplets to be ejected from the nozzle and is controlled by the computer. To the set pattern.
  The most widely used on-demand spray type is thermal ink jet technology, which relies on heat pulses to generate ink droplets. A computer controls a heated resistance wire to a specified temperature, causing the ink to evaporate (fog) and then eject from the nozzle.
  Another DOD technique is a piezoelectric injection system, in which a computer controls the application of a potential to the piezoelectric material to cause the piezoelectric material to compress in the direction of the electric field and expand in the vertical direction to eject the ink.
  Digital printing is now the hottest printing technology. The market share is constantly improving. Understanding digital printing knowledge will help us to better carry out digital printing. Please continue to pay attention.
  The above is the principle of digital printing introduced by the author. If you want to know more about the principle of digital printing, please pay attention to Jiangsu Busyman Textile Co., Ltd.