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Cotton digital printing method to reduce chromatic aberration

Cotton digital printing method to reduce chromatic aberration

Issue Time:2018/04/28

Most of the cotton fabrics use reactive printing and dyeing, but the color difference is also very easy to occur. How the color difference is produced, and controlling the occurrence of color difference is also of great significance to the development of the company.

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The pre-treatment is uniform to provide guarantee for controlling the color difference. If the pre-treatment can not meet the requirements, the subsequent processing is also difficult to achieve the desired results. Therefore, to control the color difference, you must grasp it from the front.

The pre-processing includes a series of work such as sewing on cloths, singeing, bleaching, mercerizing, sanding, and so on. Each small step can be done well to take the next big step.

2.Process conditions

The printing process includes a series of processes such as steaming, drying, steaming, and water washing. Each step requires strict control.

In the steaming step, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of the steaming time, the steaming temperature, and the steaming humidity.

Washing step should pay attention to fully remove the floating color, remove the stain when washing.


After dyeing and washing, the reaction between the dye and the fiber is basically completed, but color difference still occurs during finishing. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the color change caused by some common finishings to effectively control the color difference.

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