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How to extend the life of your own digital printer

How to extend the life of your own digital printer

Issue Time:2018/04/28

Nowadays, many digital printing companies are thinking about introducing digital printing machines and producing them themselves. However, digital printing machines can be expensive. It is very important that they do a good job of maintenance and ensure their normal operation.

Digital printing

1, clean platform, pressure roller, etc.

After the digital printing machine is put into production, the ink, the fluff on the fabric, the ash layer, etc. will accumulate on the platform, the platen roller, and the media tray. The ink attached to these parts may inadvertently transfer to the media. Therefore, the manufacturer should clean it regularly.

Yunxiang Digital suggests that operators can usually clean the areas and crevices that are likely to accumulate dust by using rags, non-woven fabrics, or vacuum cleaners that are dampened with a small amount of water.

2, clean insulation board

The thermal insulation board of the digital printing machine sometimes leaves some ink. If there is a lot of ink stains, the operator can use soapy water to moisten the towel and clean it!

It is worth noting that when cleaning insulation panels, be sure not to use benzene, thinner or alcohol to clean the printer to avoid discoloration, deformation or breakage of the relevant components caused by chemicals.

3, to maintain a constant temperature and humidity

The machine ink of the digital printing machine should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight. It should be used within half a month after opening. Empty the waste ink in the waste ink tank once a week to prevent overflow. At the same time, the machine tries to maintain a constant temperature and humidity. Under normal circumstances, the temperature is about 25 degrees, and the humidity is about 60%.

Maintaining your own digital printing machine to keep it in the best condition is also a guarantee for your own benefit.