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How Digital Printing Industry Differentiates Printing, Dyeing and Yarn-dyed?

How Digital Printing Industry Differentiates Printing, Dyeing and Yarn-dyed?

Issue Time:2018/04/29
  Now with the development of digital printing,more and more digital printing companies have emerged.Many people want to take a share in the digital printing industry.Digital printing talent is also becoming increasingly sought after.

  If you want to engage in the digital printing industry,how do you differentiate between printing,dyeing,and dyeing?


Digital Printing Dyeing Problem

  Dyeing refers to the process in which dyes are dyed onto the fibers from the dye liquor and form a uniform,firm,bright color on the fibers.The chemical composition of various fibers varies,and the dyes used are also different.

  Commonly used staining methods are high temperature method,carrier method and hot solution method.


Digital printing style

  Printing is generally divided into flat screen printing,rotary screen printing,transfer printing,digital printing and so on.Printing is local dyeing and requires a certain degree of color fastness.The dyestuffs used are basically the same as the dyeing.The direct printing process is mainly adopted,and the paint printing can also be used.The paint printing process is simple,but the printing of large-area patterns is harder.

  3,yarn dyed

Textile industry yarn type

  Yarn-dyed yarn is a process for dyeing yarns or filaments after weaving.There are full-color weaving and half-color weaving.

  As the most basic knowledge in the printing industry,understanding this has become a qualification for getting started.

  The above is the author's introduction to the digital printing,dyeing and yarn-dyed problems,if you want to know more about the digital printing industry-related knowledge,please pay attention to Jiangsu Busyman Textile Co.,Ltd.