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Digital printing requirements for ink

Digital printing requirements for ink

Issue Time:2018/08/07

In the current digital printing, equipment, nozzles and inks can be said to be the most important accessories for digital printing. In digital printing consumables, ink is the main factor affecting the quality of printing. If you use unsuitable ink, it will not only seriously affect The quality of the print, but also damage to the digital printing machine, and the quality of the ink will determine the life of the nozzle. It can be called the blood of the whole system.

Digital printing requirements for ink

Printing requirements for ink generally have the following:

1. The color is accurate and can reach the color of the original;

2. The ink particle size should be fine, otherwise it will easily block the nozzle;

3. The price of ink is also continuously decreasing;

Today's digital printing is performed using the CMYK method. In order to obtain high-definition and smooth light-colored transition colors, high resolution must be required, which requires the nozzle to have a small fineness, but the ink requirements are still very high.

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