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Several aspects to pay attention to prepress image processing

Several aspects to pay attention to prepress image processing

Issue Time:2018/07/28

First of all, the current digital printing technology needs to use professional software to produce pictures supporting the printing technology mode before printing, especially the color draft. Once it is done, it will be processed later. If you don't know the printing format, It will bring great difficulties to the prepress output staff.


Nowadays, four colors, CMYK, are often used, so be sure to convert the image to CMYK mode when using a computer. Because the output is converted to a dot, that is, the precision pi, the theoretical precision of the printing image is 300dpi. Therefore, the pictures that people usually use cannot be displayed. It cannot be because the picture looks very beautiful on the computer. Think it can be used as a print. So one point is to use the ps software to determine the true accuracy with the image size.

Before we export, we must be optimistic about the bottom plate. There must be no small characters of other colors, especially red, blue and black. If the red bottom plate has blue characters, the blue position must be empty, and vice versa. If it is not removed, the quality of the printed product will be greatly reduced. When RGB graphics are converted to CMYK, the black text will become 100% black and must be processed in advance.

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