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Digital printing requirements for nozzles

Digital printing requirements for nozzles

Issue Time:2018/07/26

The development speed of digital printing in the past few years is obvious to all. In just a few years, the technology of digital printing has not matured to the mature stage, and the market share has grown very much in recent years. rapid. We can say that the current digital printing has entered a stage of breakthrough, and it will be more and more advanced, and digital printing needs to be developed. The industries such as nozzles, inks, and machinery need to be developed together. The nozzles are digitally printed. The position in the technology is quite important, and in the digital printing, the nozzle is also greatly affected.

Digital printing requirements for nozzles

1. First of all, the durability and life of the digital printing nozzle must be long enough, because the price of the nozzle is relatively expensive, basically tens of thousands, so the cost of the nozzle will be relatively high, if the nozzle is durable, can The comparison of the time of use, in fact, also saves a cost in disguise.

2. It can print evenly and stably under high speed. The printing speed of digital printing machine is relatively fast, so it must be able to print stably and evenly under high speed operation. The jet speed of the nozzle is also critical.

3. The nozzle should be able to meet the different needs of the market, and it is necessary to be able to complete the printing work on different fabrics and different environments.

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