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Teach you to choose a good towel

Teach you to choose a good towel

Issue Time:2018/07/16

There are a lot of towels on the market, and there are many different kinds of towels. The cotton towel with good bulkiness, good water absorption and strong air permeability is the first choice for skin care.


A look: When choosing a cotton towel, look at the light to see if the color of the towel is even and soft. If the color is too bright, it is doped with polyester or other fibers.

Second touch: At the same time, feel the softness of the towel by hand. If it is uneven in hardness, hard, or hard, it is not pure cotton.

Three smells: good towels will not smell, if you smell like candle or ammonia, it means excessive softener; if it has sour taste, PH value may exceed the standard; if there is pungent smell, it means the use of formaldehyde-containing solid Toner.

Four factors of quality towels


The quality of the towel is fluffy and soft, which gives a feeling of comfort. Touching in the hand is elastic, sticking to the face like a spring breeze, giving people a feeling of affection. Do not dry the towel to avoid hurting your skin.

2. Pattern

Towels are also a kind of art, a kind of decoration that gives people a spiritual enjoyment. It will not be a place to be placed anywhere in the room. The good towel pattern is clear, the printing is accurate, full, novel and contemporary. Avoid buying shoddy goods that are shoddy and miraculous.

3. Color

Whether it is a printed towel or a plain towel, as long as the materials are used and the craft is in place, it must be very bright. At first glance, there is a sense of freshness. Avoid buying old-fashioned towels, because such towels are generally simple in process and poor in materials, which may hinder health.

4. Water absorption

The towel has a strong requirement for hydrophilicity, the towel is smashed, the moisture is dried, and the dust is exhausted. This requires high quality cotton yarn, advanced scouring and printing processes, and perfect testing and inspection methods. Rubbing your face with slippery, non-absorbent, non-decontaminating towels can affect your quality of life.